Michael Smolens’ earPlay Jazzquintet

On September 26, we present Michael Smolens’earPlay Jazzquintet,” a groundbreaking electro-acoustic ensemble with a 
kaleidoscopic sound. They take stylistic variety to new heights, cross-fertilizing
 North Indian,
West African,
 and Middle Eastern influences
 with jazz and 20th-century classical idioms. The ensemble deftly weaves together compelling textures, uniting the realms of 
composition and improvisation, spoken word and stage magic. Add to that a veritable banquet of instruments from around the world
— including the subtle usage of electronic sounds —
and you’ve got an
 unforgettable musical adventure!

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4 Responses to Michael Smolens’ earPlay Jazzquintet

  1. neil and sue says:

    What a great concert yesterday with some unusual but beautiful music. Really refreshing to hear some super original material that works so well. Our son, who is a drummer in Beijing, would have loved that Indian drum solo. Thanx so much for the opportunity to have this come to Sonoma county!

  2. Jim Sorrells says:

    I almost didn’t make it but Gerry and Alastair Ingram, one of the deans of sax in Sonoma County said I just had to. Oh, so glad am I because I LOVED the group, the most innovative, creative bunch of folks…and when I learned that Smolens studied with Art Lande, it fell into place. As I told him, I began channeling Lande about half-way through the set. They did music based on Brazilian samba, some African material, and best of all, an Indian rage with tablas.
    Gerry did a really good thing by going out a bit on a limb. More and more, I am trusting his judgment. If he books them, they’re going to be good!

  3. Rachel Jacobs says:

    Yeah, the band was terrific, really glad I was there. I also loved Heather’s magic and the pairing of her performance with the Hafiz poem. It was extremely original and effective. The whole day was terrific! I hope Earplay will be playing again.

  4. Rick Laurell says:

    We really enjoyed this refreshing and original group! I hope you invite Michael Smolens back again often. This fresh and creative music is what we need more of in Sonoma county.

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