Michael Aragon Quartet

Kicking off the Backyard Jazz House Concert series on April 25th was the Michael Aragon Quartet. Michael and his group perform regularly at the No Name Bar in Sausalito, CA. Performing with Michael,who lives part-time in both San Rafael and Santa Rosa, was Bob Johnson on sax, Pierre Archain on bass, and K.C. Filson on keyboards.

The ironically named, Sebastopol-based, “Urban Professionals,” opened for Michael. Cosmic Comic Swami Beyondananda of  WakeUpLaughing fame (or notoriety depending on who you ask) added a few minutes of his comic wisdom and wise comedy before the Aragon Quartet took the main stage.

Here are two samples of one of Michael’s groups. This group includes Michael, Pierre, Bob and guitarist Ray Scott, subbbing for the absent K.C. Filson who was unavailable for this studio
recording date. Click to play:

Michael Aragon on drums with Tenor player Rob Roth and Bassist Pierre Archain
at the No Name in Sausalito, where beats, used to, and poets, or those who after a few
drinks think they are, still do hang out.
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10 Responses to Michael Aragon Quartet

  1. Jim Sorrells says:

    The level of individual musicianship was very high, but I found the playlist rather dull, and I think that’s why so many people left at intermission. Also, the sound wasn’t balanced. The piano was over-powering, and we can barely hear the drums.

  2. Judy Brinkerhoff says:

    I have known Michael since the late ’60’s so I came to see him, as I haven’t seen him for years. I brought my son, Miles, with me, as he grew up around Michael. I was amazed at M’s skill on drums and it was just great to hear him.
    Your venue was beautiful…very nice afternoon. Weather was so perfect and audience was so appreciative. I love jazz for the tremendous support of the audiences…
    Thank you for making it available to us…Judy Brinkerhoff

  3. Dylan says:

    Michael Aragon was a really nice guy, it was great to play before him. Really enjoyable music, great drummer. I was really happy to be introduced to this group. [Dylan, saxophonist, is a member of the “Urban Professionals,” the youth group from Analy High School and SRJC students and grads that opened for Michael Aragon.]

  4. Gil Tully says:

    Hi Gerry and Elizabeth,

    We’d like to thank you for taking on all that is involved in creating your BackYard Jazz venue, no small task!! We completely enjoyed it . The setting is very conducive to a relaxed, one could say laid back afternoon, your gardens are beautiful! The ‘Kids’ knocked our socks off! The Pros were Pros with a good sound system in support. Good food, nice people, a great kick off, we’ll be back!

  5. Bill and Pat Gittins says:

    Michael Aragon, and the other true professionals that made up his Quartet, were simply outstanding! What a wonderful experience to listen to each piece…and a wonderful location and day to enjoy it. Looking around at the crowd one could see nothing but bobbing heads and feet tapping…a very good sign!! :-)

  6. Chris Schuepbach says:

    My wife Nancy and I are huge fans and friends of Michael. We’ve been following the Michael Aragon Quartet since 1997. Over the years, Michael’s quartets have always included stellar bay area musicians. Michael’s skill, as a leader and a player are unmatched. He never fails to connect with the other players and with his audience. He is not just playing for himself…he is playing for all of us. When I’m in pieces, Michael’s music always makes me whole again.

    I thought the quartet’s performance on Sunday was captivating and exciting. All the players were in synch with one another. Each individual’s performance was skilled and fresh and combined to create a fabulous group performance. As I indicated, I’ve heard Michael’s quartet often. Micahel, Pierre and K.C all brought their “A” game. I’ve not heard Bob Johnson play before but he fit right in with the others. Particularly impressive was the fact that they only had about 20 minutes to rehearse together as a group. I was on the side of the stage where I was able to watch the audience. I was particularly struck by the looks of rapt attention on the faces of the Urban Professionals as they experienced the quartet’s performance.

    Great start to the Backyard Jazz series. I hope you have Michael back again.

  7. Linda Williams says:

    What a perfect day!!! Thank you Gerry & Elizabeth for opening up your home. The music was amazing as always.

  8. Larry Slater says:

    A Perfect afternoon. Musicians of remarkable ability, a great selection of tunes and a beautiful setting.
    Even the sound system was first rate. Kudos to all of you who made it possible

  9. Charles says:

    Hi Elizabeth and Gerry,

    Thanks so much for a wonderful afternoon of fine jazz! Michael’s group was a great kickoff for the series.

  10. Doug Martin says:

    I want to give a shout out to the young players who opened the afternoon. They did a great job of presenting some classic tunes by Monk, Mingus and others. I liked their arrangements, which they picked off the original recordings, and I liked the fresh feeling of their playing.

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